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ROKAE Robotics is a global leader in the field of light-weight robots and flexible collaborative robots. Featuring Robots and Cobots with IP67 Protection Level, Rokae helps to equip their customers in industries and science such as auto parts, 3C, high-precision processing, healthcare and business with intelligent technology. As a high-tech company, ROKAE brings you the next generation of robotic. ROKAE Robotics business covers a dozen countries across the world, including China, USA, Germany, France, Russia, Japan and Korea.

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est. 2015

Founded in 2015, ROKAE Robotics is committed to developing and innovating next-generation flexible robots, light-weight industrial robots, and high-end intelligent equipment.

ROKAE will stay focused on developing innovative robots and intelligent manufacturing solutions and grow together with clients and partners throughout the chain.

To Expand in the rising european market, ROKAE has partnered with the german high-tech company Jaeger-Engineering to conquer and develop the european robot market and find new robotic solutions.

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Automatic Collision Detection

Rokae automatic collision detection for XB Series. A safe solution for your workplace.

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